Monday, December 6, 2010

MM! episode 10 successfull recovery!

hey its jazu chan the only one whos been posting this whole time.
alright im back with another quick review of MM! episode 10. alright as we all know last episode was just pointless filler. but this episode was a succesful recovery. usually filler is just boring as hell and lasts a couple episodes.... this rebounded reallly quick. heres some screenshots.

YOSH!!! thios was a great episode because it shows Yunnos reaction to tarou and mio's little "date" last episode.
i for one would rather see yunno have tarou than mio.... why? because mio is crazy. there is clearly more going on between tarou and yunno than tarou and mio and i for one want to see them overcome their problems together.
ALRIGHT. so yunnos pissed about tarou and mio so she does some crazy sh*t to tarou and challlenges mio to a sadists duel.
this is where sh*t gets weird.

yes so they do the whole duel thing and niether of them are victorious. the duel ends with tarous head exploding due to over pleasure. yes he was so horny that his head exploded.
tarou wakes up in the infirmary with yunno at his side and cue romantic end scene YAY!!!!!!

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