Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the playlist....

   hey once again its jazu chan because everyone else is either to busy writing for nanowrimo or to damn lazy. but todays topic is music. i belive music in itself is a life essence. without music everything is desolate and "dead" in a sense. and now that i has topic i will invite my other authors to put their own opinions in but mine first. i think that people need music to survive in a sense. through the years music has stayed and probably stay until our world ceases to exist. music is the essence of life and human texture and feelings. people express how they feel through music. music is the epitome of humanity. other hcultures have their own forms of music. its all to express something. music is super neccesary to my survival. i was born with apair of headphones on.
   your playlist is the definition of your person. the types of music you listen to helps to shape your person. i grew up on jazz and hiphop. this shaped me into the person i am now a classy guy that has a urban feel when your around him. i listen to a lot of different types of music. i can relate to alot of stuff. oh...... shit...... i just said "stuff" didnt i? anyway... but music will shape you from an early age you will formulate a playlist hopefully that suits your tastes when your young. if your raised around rock youll most likely form a playlist consiting of mostly rock and branches of it and a couple of other generes. my playlist consists of a lot of hiphop jazz fusion. like madlibs stormy. see its a sweet fusion of jazz and hip hop. i have lots of other music to like chiptune. for example crystal castles crimewave. its like something you can walk to. i also have scream music too. a skylit drive a reason for broken wings. And I absolutely love jrock and jpop! All of it is good to me. im a very diverse listener. i have many a genere on my ipod. yeah there are a couple generes i refuse to listen to.... like radio pop country gangster rap and porngrind. but yeah i love music its my life. i can turn my ipod on shuffle and not hear the same song twice for a day and a half.

   Hello, this is Shawn. When I am writing or doing anything else I always have music blasting through my headphones. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of music by the French band Magma. Listen to this song it is the first part of a live performance of the album Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh.
  Okay, if you are wondering what this beautiful music that I assume you are now hearing is, allow me to explain. The drummer of the band, Christian Vander invented his own language: Kobaïan, which sounds sort of like German but isn't. The point is that it is not English, French, German or any other language on Earth which is pretty freaking awesome.
   I found out about this band when I was listening to a Japanese band called Koenjihyakkei, I was very confused so I looked down at the comments and someone said that before you listen to this band, you should listen to Magma, so I did. If you are curious about zeuhl music, I reccomend that when you are finished listening to the song linked above I would reccomend that you listen to the band Ruins, then you should listen to Koenjihyakkei. Or you could listen to the Magma Last fm channel.

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