Saturday, November 13, 2010

MM! episode 07 cheating and romantics!

alright everyone its jazu chan once again. i really loved this episode. i mean really... no its not because of all the perversions! ill tell you why toward the end. i found the beginning of this episode to be very.... interesting. the episode starts with the MM! crew on the beach. now everybody hears beach and immediatly thinks half naked women. and i am going to tell you yes there are half naked women. (and some yuri action for about 3 seconds.) yunno yumi michuru the crossdresser whos name i cannot remember! mio and sadou. mio's drowning sado and yumis raping yunno on the beach..... WAIT WHAT???

YURI ACTION AS PROMISED! but anyway..... after mios attempt to make the sharks attack sadou they go up on the beach and try again this time trying to use crabs to drain his masochism. mios theory here is that if its not a beutiful women inducing his pain but an animal he wouldnt be turned on. WRONG!!! by them putting the crabs on him hie is turned on.... wow this guy is sad. i have never seen any one so eager to get crabs! (hahahahaha pubic lice jokes!) im such a loser.... i think if it was men putting the crabs on him it might have succeeded.
but anyway that plan failed and they take a more violent approach. LETS PLAY THE WATERMELON GAME WITH SADOUS HEAD!!!!! yes.... they blindfold yunno and send on the path towards the watermelon.... err... sadous head. mios theory here is that if sadou is in the mind state of a watermelon then he should feel like this is the end of his life and embrace the fact that women hitting him would not be good resulting in death. clearly our hero is incapable of this because yunno beat the sh*t out of him and i have never seen a happier man. but any after this attempt fails sadou and yunno go out on the water in a little boat... yes we all saw this coming. SHARK ATTACK!!! but its not what you think it is. ITS A SUDDEN PLOT TWIST!!!! the giant shark is a mecha built by everyones favorite loli!!! NOA! episode 5  sadou had promised noa that he would do everything she ever wanted to do as a child because she was deprived. so she takes them to a remote island to play house....... wow...... but any way yunno sadou and noa all play along leading to some wierd a$$ role playing. with yunno playing sadous wife noa plays the women sadou is cheating on yunno with!

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????? but this is just great because the rest of the gang joins in soon and all hell breaks loose. mio michuru yumi all come just to whoop his a$$! here comes the worst part..... noa jealous of everyones bustiness she drinks a strange medicine... and all of a sudden shes beutiful. she begins to..... do things (for lack of better description). but then our favorite lolicon... shimura gets pissed and shows up! now hes on some super saiyen sh*t. hes attempting to destroy everyone. but who saves the day? sadou of course! everyone remembers the hentai DX belt right? yeah.... he puts it on has mio beat him up then he kicks shimuras a$$!

yeah but sadou obviously wins and saves everybody. the ending made me ever so happy just because it showed the romantics that is clearly happening between yunno and sadou! they clearly like each other but both have barriers they must over come before they can be together! it pleases me to see such a romantic ending because.... i guess i have the personality of a girl. but anyway just the romantics of this episode warrants your watching alone. great romantic pay off at the end!

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