Saturday, November 27, 2010

roasrio vampire tribute!

yes... whenever one of us finnishes a manga or an anime we must make a post dedacated to it... that said lets proceed!!!!!
so i recently finnished rosario vampire a great series i might add. this manga was recommended to me by none other than DAN! and im not going to lie at first i thought it was going to be another played out vampire thing but it wasnt. i found the plot and character personality to be by far the most interesting part of the series.
the plot is that a boy named tsukune must go away to a private school but little does he know the school he is going to is a school for monsters. (i know sounds cheesy but stay with me) he gets to the school and quickly makes friends with a vampire (hence the title rosario vampire). he soon makes friends with several other monsters and then shit goes down. every couple chapters there's always some sort of a fight going on. this is what i didnt like about the series.
there was a lot of romance but far to much violence for it to be considered a romance. i guess thats why i wasnt to sad when i reached the end. i honestly reccomend this to action fans the violece out ways the romance easily. i think that it was a great manga and every body should read this.

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