Sunday, November 21, 2010

MM! episode 8....WHYYYYYYY?

 hey its jazu chan! ok..... honestly this is the most f*cked up thing i have ever seen in my life! i honestly dont know what to tell you... hypnotism obviously doesnt work and when it does it has f*cked up side effects! dont you ever try this at home (do it at a friends house). clearly after hypnotism he doesnt obtain his desired effect first hes a pedophile then hes a half naked romantic then hes...... well..... GAY! (i have nothing against homosexuals i honestly believe love has no gender) but any way the first attempt at hypnotism leaves him with the nasty effect of him saying "hugetastic boobs" at the end of every phrase. now i honestly dont see a problem with this. joking yes i do.

oh god she did it. by making sadou fall into a state of trance his mind was open to "suggestion" and she fired his the phrase into his open mind leaving him effect of exclaiming the phrase of abnormaly large mamiaries (hugetastic boobs) at the end of each sentence.
after that mind opening... incident, they hypnotize him again this time using the open window of "suggestion" to try to cure his masochism. Mio uses the words "the masochism will be cured". *snap* when he wakes up the masochism is gone but instead...... it pains me to say this.... hes a pedophile! yes a child loving pedophile and who should show up? our favorite loli Noa! yes you can see what happens here. Noa comes crashing through the wall like a f*cking tank in a mech suit. and yes our pedophile hero runs off with her. and who do they encounter in the hallway but our favourite lolicon! Himura!!!! yay!

the reason im still watching this is unclear to me. but any way they crush Himura with Noas epic mech suit of doom! yes. after they make their epic escape they find some where nice and private to play board games. no joke board games. then Mio finds them! as you can guess sh*t happens.

after this life changing encounter there is yet another side effect. and this one by far is the funniest of them all. i have to ask you this question before i proceed. have you ever worn a tuxedo without pants? if the answer is no you may read on if the answer is yes you may be offended. he becomes a super romantic/rapist who wears a tuxedo without pants. this is how a stereotypical rapist would dress. if i was a rapist (which im not) i would dress like this. i honestly felt like punching a hole in my moniter after seeing this. funny yet super disturbing at the same time.

i honestly thought about dropping the review for this episode. after this eye opening display of... stupidity they try for the last time. this time Mio says "you will become a normal human". this turned the whole damn episode into a yaoi! YAY! yes after a few tests they realize his masochism is gone. they celebrate and wait for the next day. the next day comes and hes still normal except for the fact that he has strong feelings for tatsukichi! yes he is now gay for tatsukichi! and hes not just any kind of gay hes bat sh*t crazy for him! but this doesnt matter right now its what comes next that almost made me cry!

after this comes the ramance approach to try to "straighten" Sadou out. he now is appraoched by Yunno who says  some tear jerking things. and yet he is totally oblivious to what she is saying because his mind is occupied by tatsukichi. she even has an indirect kiss with him and he still doesnt get it. i almost cried because last episode the end showed the ongoing romance between Sadou and Yunno and now it has all come to naught! he is then mauled by Mio who kicks his @$$ into orbit! while on his journey up he realizes who he really is and what he really is. when he reenters and crash lands he is once again the same masochitic freak we all knew and loved. thank god for good endings PEACE!!!!!!!!

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