Friday, November 19, 2010

anime and an otakus life!

oh hai.... its jazu chan again and this time i have dan with me we will now proceed to have a conversation on anime and how it plays a roll in our lives. we will now disscus our favorite animes and how much they shaped us!
jazu: alright ill start! i think my favorite anime of all time is of course AIR GEAR!!
dan: Air Gear is awesome, but my all time favorite anime is Air Gear, as far as manga goes though it's probably Pretty Face.
Jazu: hell yes dan got me into air gear! my favourite manga is a shojuo by the name of maid sama. i guess its my favourite  because its just romance and randomness!
dan: Pretty Face is a pretty funny story but also has a deep underlying theme of personal redemption for the main character Rando.
jazu: yeah that sounds like life in general... funny story and a search for something more.... oh yeah im philisophical!
dan: Funny, only watching someone that's supposed to be a girl suplex their math teacher for coming onto her! Pretty Face is definately a funny manga full of awkward situations and intense comedic relief with a still serious story.
jazu: yeah for me it was maid sama.... it just showshow amazing life can be on the quest for the one you really love. and i just found my definition of life! chillin readin amazing mangas listenin to music chillin with friends drinking tea blogging playing video games etc... music and friendship in general! i guess this comes mostly from rosario vampire and maid sama! both animes stress the importance of friendship..... care to comment dan?
Dan: hehe yea, friendship is important in both rosario+vampire and maid sama, but it's also a pretty big deal in a lot of others like air gear. Rosario+Vampire has a lot of situations where Tsukune is able to overcome being a human be relying on Moka and all his other friends to save him. Can't say much for Maid Sama on account of me reading very little of it (but enjoying what I've seen) but Air Gear it's obvious. Characters like Kazu and Agito show a lot of change as the story progresses because of their friends.
jazu: hell yeah i feel that... yeah i guess life to me is about friendship because my life sucks at home! the only time im really happy is when im with the critical hitz and shitz crew. we just eat taco bell chinese food and chill at the mall! then we watch hella anime together! the music part just comes from the fact that ive been listening to music ever since i  understood what it was (and before that).
dan: Music was always something that confused me unitl a couple years ago, at first it was just somethin to do in the car but now it's a huge part of my life. I can't concentrate without music, makes school hard. Or at least it was until I learned to zone at the teachers and play the super mario theme in my head!
jazu: yesh dan much respect for that! yeah we need an anime that makes music a main part... hell yeah but also im gonna bring up one of the best animes ever!!!!! you ready for this? LUCKY STAR! yes i started watching it last night... first episode and all they talked about was food! do you know what i have to say about this? AWESOME! its just pretty much my life from the perspective of highschool girls! yay!
dan: Music as a main theme, well if you don't mind shonen-ai theres Gravitation, the main character wants to be a famous singer. Lucky Star is one of the funniest anime I've ever watched, everything about it is just perfect. Who couldn't love a show where the main characters spend ten minutes talking about how to eat cornet.
jazu: yah! i just remembered there are a couple animes that have music as a theme like K-on! i never watched it i guess i need to... also i need to read Omamori Himari!
dan: Omamori Himari is a one that I started recently. It's recently started coming out in the U.S with the second volume being released soon. It's a mixture of comedy and... super awesome action and sexyness that is fun for everyone!!!
jazu: sounds like another awesome series!
Dan:  It is definately worth checking out!
ALRIGHT! thats enough for today! peace!

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