Tuesday, December 14, 2010


alright lets kick it! as you can guess its jazuchan again. this time im gonna kick it to you everyday life style.

alright im here to discuss teh everyday life of jazu chan.... yeah this is gonna be weird. so yeah this is going to be the crew log which will take place every week from now untill forever.... yay. so anyway teh crew recently went to the mall and i saw something i absolutley need to obtain for tora con. (anime convention i will be attending) it was a SGT. FROG hat! im going to go as keroro gunsou one of the best characters in all of anime history.... i really contemplated going as giroro but that would require the money to buy more equip ment.... im broke.and another thing christmas is coming soon! yay i will be buying several things for tora con this christmas. i cant wait! its gonna be awesome! all the family and presents and money!
nut enough about christmas. we must talk about important things like the new animes that wil be released soon.

this image was pulled off of google so i did not create his! (no lawsuites for jazu)
will i watch any of these? maybe maybe not. wait... i have to.
due to me not having enough material i will start a new series to review when it comes out. (yay for online streaming)
but here are a couple that i am definatly interested in!!!!
the plot revolvs around a girl who enrolls in a school that was previously all boys. Tsukiko Yahisa is the first girl to enroll in the school.... and apparantly the schools main focus is astronomy.... yay romance!!
since the school is focused around astronomy you can guess who the 12 main constelations are. yes a few of the boys will play a major roll.
this series just looks amazing. i will definatly be reviewing this when it drops.
i will be reviewing this simply just because the plot seems similar to a manga i read. (ore tama)
the plot of this is that oga tatsumi is the toughest delinquent in the whole school of ishiyama high. he is napping one day and sees what he thinks is a body floating throught the river but its the last thing he expected it to be. its a baby! and not just any kind of baby but a demon baby. he is chosen by the demon king to be the baby's protector.... SH*T thats one hell of a job.
the baby isnt all that came in the package. it comes with a maid too. now he must take care of the baby go to school and maintain his rep as the biggest bad @$$ of the school....
i might review this one depending on how it looks when it drops.
alright this seems to me like im gonna have a good time with this one.
the plot is that a young boy named fujiwara realizes he has the power to control auras around people. ever since he has been having a dream in which there are enemy felines assailing him...... i really dont know what to tell you about this one folks!

IM NOT MAKING ANY PROMISES... but i will do my best to have some new reviews after christmas!!! IM OUTTA HERE! 

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