Sunday, December 12, 2010

MM! episode 11 amnesia is a problem

yes as you all guessed its jazuchan....
im back with another MM! review.....
i will continue to type in the paragraph format just like this. alright the bull sh*t intro has been opened and i will now jump into the reason i am blogging!!!
the episode opens with Mio kicking tarous @$$ as usual but this time things go a little differently. as he leaps towards his impending doom he falls and hits his head. this is scientifically proven to be one of the main causes of temprary amnesia. and yes he becomes... amnesic... an amnesiac... forgetfull.... f*ck it he forgets everything....

after falling into a state of amnesia things spiral into a state of stupidity.
he goes home only to not recognize his own family and they clearly being the freaks that they are decide to do something stupid and it works. im not mentioning this stupidity because i will be forced to hurt my self if i so much as think about it again.

this leads to his relization of how much of a scumbag the real tarou was and totally dissilousions himself with himself..... whoa.... scary sh*t.
any way his day proceeds to scare him even more just by showing him who he was. this is like some b movie.... cool.
thank god for romantic relief in the story though. yunno realizes that this would be the perfect opurtunity to get closer to tarou maybe even start a relationship.

we all know whos gonna be a little pissed about this one....
but any way they ditch school and go the zoo. FLASHBACK! this is where they both went in a previous episode and realized that they had feelings for each other.
yay for romance!!
and then our favorite loli comes to crash the party.

her attempt at making tarou love her instead of yunno totally backfires due to himuras need for lolis. yes its exactly what it sounds like.
after noa leaves the romance picks up even more as they sit on a park bench and try to jog his memory with all the good things hes done for her. this is the point where she realizes that the real tarou might be lost forever and runs home crying (just like in a classic romance film that would make me cry everytime i watched it.)
after this heartbreaking incident he decides to head back to school even though its kind of late.
upon entering a classroom he sees Mio. now Mio as you can guess is kind of pissed with the fact that she clearly likes him (but doesnt show it) and he doesnt remember her.

and we near the end of the episode with arashiko confessing her love of tarou to mio and there is one hell of a fall out.
this leads to tarou getting his @$$ kicked out of a window and on his way down retrieving his memory!
yay for happy endings!

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