Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Needless Review!

Alright it's Dan here, going to review a series called Needless. This anime is AMAZING! So much violence and action and awesomness packed into one show. I can see some people saying the it is kind of slow early on but around episode four or so it really picks up by actually starting with the main storyline. The first three just introduce characters to the story.
Alright so basically the story takes place in an area called the Black Spot which is the ruins of Japan fifty years after World War Three. After the destruction people started to live in the zone and 'The Second' appears who is figure with immense power. He travels along the Black Spot until he disappears leaving behind his powers in the form of Fragments which give people in the Black Spot amazing powers and they are dubbed Needless. Years later a pharmaceutical organization called Simeon moves into the Black Spot and begins hunting Needless to fuel their experiments.

Enter technical main character Cruz Schild. He is a young boy who is a member of the resistance against Simeon. At an attack, the resistance is wiped out and Cruz even sees his sister destroyed before his very eyes. When he is about to give up a testament, a super powerful robot, and the priest Adam Blade appear. Adam saves Cruz and is injured greatly in the progress. Cruz drags the priest back to the church he came from and stays with them. Another character, Eve Neuschwanstein appears who is Blade's friend and has the fragment power "Doppelganger" which allows her to alter any form of her body as long as the mass change isn't too great.

Later, it is revealed that Adam Blade's Fragment power is called the "Zero Fragment" which allows him to learn other enemies Fragments in battle. Most of the time however it requires him to wait until his enemy strikes him with the power for him to understand how it works.

Then Momiji Teruyama appears, looking for Adam. When Adam answers him, Teruyama tries to kill him and a fight continues until the group discovers that Teruyama isn't hunting for Adam Blade the priest, instead he is searching for Adam Arclight the leader of Simeon. Teaming up the group moves on to the Iron Mountain in order to find information on Simeon.

This results in them meeting the character Disc, a cyborg who appears to look like a child but is actually very old and has the fragment power "Scan" which allows her to see all attributes of an enemy.

She agrees to work with them after Blade and the group defend Iron Mountain from the Simeon Girl Squad, a group consisting of Setsuna (blue hair), Mio (pink hair) and Kuchinashi (green hair). After a desperate fight, Eve is taken prisoner and dragged to Simeon.

Afterwards an anouncement is made, with Adam Arclight appearing on a large TV screen, demanding that all Needless go to the Simeon building or face certain destruction. Blade and crew depart Iron Mountain, heading to fight Arclight in a desperate struggle to the death.
What happens from there on is up to you guys to watch. That is pretty much the first couple episodes in a nutshell and doesn't even contain a lot of the epic fight scenes that appear later on in the series. It's definately worth watching and relatively short at only twenty-four episodes.

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