Sunday, April 10, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 11

hey everybody its jazu and i must apologize to you all!
so recently instead of doing reviews ive been playing maplestory. and yes i threw away everything. i decided to quit coding and everything else for a week just to play maplestory! its so fun!!!! but its consumed my life! so now i present to a review with no pictures! sorry.

so remember last episode when aikawa took the bomb full on? well yeah his body parts were scattered all across the city. epsiode 11 starts with the group minus the zombie finding his body parts and letting them recconect. but after they do hes still in a state of death. inside aikawas little mind he's floating in this purgatory like state while sprites of the ones he loves are ridiculing him. this goes on until dai sensei shows up to let haruna into his mind if you will. then she yells at him and he wakes up.... then they decide to take on the king of night (douche guy i talked about in previous reviews).and then they find him with Yuu in the tower. and all of a sudden there is... there is.... DIALOUGE! and then the biggest f*cking megalo youve ever seen comes out of a portal in the sky! and sera is playing violin on top of the tower. and then more dialouge and then Haruna and Aikawa transform and it works this time!!! no ones naked! and sera is still playing and to much suspense is built up and i dont really care. I CANT EVEN FOCUS. all i can think about is maplestory. but the end is really spcial so im not going to spoil it. WATCH IT!
jazu out!

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